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  • Dishwash bar

    Dishwash bar

    Apoorve Corporation has an exquisite collection of dishwash bar that not only helps you clean your utensils effectively, but also make them shine brighter. Be it a 10-year-old copper utensil or a new stainless steel one, our dishwash bar are made to make your cookery as clean and radiant as possible. Go and get your favorite Prime8 dishwash bar in Rajasthan from Apoorve Corporation and give your utensils a new shine that lasts forever

  • Prime8 Dishwash Tub

    Prime8 Dishwash Tub

    Prime8 Dishwash Tub has the powe of  Lime and Orange. With the power of citric , it cleans tough grease and stains and with the power of Orange, it helps remove malodour from utensils. Prime8 Dishwash tub has been developed with advance technology. It helps remove tough oil, grease, and malodor from utensils, glassware, and expensive crockery. It not only cleans and deodorizes dirty dishes but is also gentle on your hands. 

  • Dishwash Liquid

    Dishwash Liquid

    Spoon effeciently cleans a sink full of utensils : Tough grease residue, sticky food, oil stains and food stains like; turmeric or red chilli can be easily removed with Apnapan Dishwash Liquid. The strong formula dissolves quickly and cuts through grease and stubborn stains without scratching or damaging the surface of utensils. With just a spoonful of Apnapan Dishwash Liquid, you can get a sink full of squeaky clean utensils, including delicate cookware and glassware

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